Friday, June 27, 2014

Forums and Donations

Well we have a couple of new site additions today. First are the Forums that I hinted about a few times. Well they are finally here. Over the next few days, my trusty forum administrator and I will be creating some pertinent information for each of the boards to inform you of everything you may need to know. So you may look at them now and say, "Damn, these are really boring and empty." And you would be correct but that will change. But we wanted to open the doors to you all so you can get in and set up your accounts. Feel free to post in the meantime. For content submissions we will be releasing detailed guidelines and forms to help you leave concise information. Basically this opens up yet another channel of communication between us and you guys. As a community we will make this website awesome.

The second addition today is the "Donate" page. For now you can find it on the main navigation bar of the main website. Donations are, of course, completely optional as the site is and will remain free. But after some feedback and careful consideration, it seemed like a good idea to allow the community to show appreciation in this fashion if they so desire. Again, I want to stress that this feature is completely optional. I don't want our beloved userbase to feel pressured in order to use the site. There is more information on this matter on the Donation page itself so have a peek!

I will be doing a lot more content entries this weekend as well. I want to give love to the Remodel section which at this point is just a framework with very little content. I also have a stack of challenges to add that give decor items. Also, with the relase of the PTR I had wanted to peek at the new Strain housing stuff but they don't seem to allow me to copy my character or boost a character unless I had a level 50 prior to 6/12. That seems silly. So if any lvl 50's on the PTR have details on the new housing stuff coming in the new patch, feel free to post on the forums, I am sure we are all eager to see them!

Bye for now!

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