Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to the Website

Well folks, the website has been up for about 10 days and I have finally gotten a second to set up some communication. Eventually I will have this more integrated with the website, but for now this will give me a chance to talk to you all and hear some feedback.

That being said, welcome to "Living in Wildstar". This project has been a much larger undertaking than I originally had planned. It keeps growing and growing. I want to add more sections, and I will, but I chose to keep the scope as focused as possible to start off with. There is a TON of information required for this site's database. I am working as fast as I can to compile the information as thoroughly as possible. There is a ton of information still missing and I can assure you I will continue to keep filling in the blanks.

I have tried to lay the site to make it as user friendly as possible. There are tweaks and slight bugs that need to be ironed out as we go along but it'll all come together. My goal was to make something functional and filled with an adequate amount of data and have it out close to the game's launch. I feel I have succeeded on that front. Now it's all about adding new content, developing further sections and working out any issues. I really would like some feedback as to how people are enjoying things so far and any idea of changes or additions that you may like to see happen.

To all the people who have visited so far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, This has been an awesome project to develop and I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds. But community will be a huge part of this project. There will be ways that you guys can help. So if you like what you see so far, spread the word. Tell a friend, bug a co-worker, include it in your Christmas family newsletter. Whichever you prefer. I'm not picky.

Again, welcome! More to come soon....

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