Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Logo & Social Media

Another day, another site update. It seems all I've been doing lately is eating, sleeping, dreaming this gosh darn website. And I'm really loving it.

Before we get on to business, I want to give the community a warm thank you. This past weekend was very successful thanks to some very active Reddit users and I'm noticing my humble site trickle more and more across the world and across social media. I'm stunned and humbled by the show of support thus far. All I can promise is that that I will do my very best to keep the flow of development moving smoothly and continue to take feedback seriously.

Today's update notes brings a variety of changes. Some were needed (a new site logo) and some will make sharing the site and it's many pages easier. I have several more things I am working on that will be rolling out very soon. I am only one person working on the majority of this stuff so it takes a bit.

So thanks again... and keep visiting and spreading the love....

  • Thanks to the wonderful community, I had quite a few offers to re-design the site's logo. I have settled upon one I truly adore and I hope you enjoy it as well. Special thanks to Logan for helping me with this!
  • A Twitter account has been created for Living in Wildstar! You can follow us @liveinwildstar. I also added a Twitter button to the footer of each page.
  • A vast variety of social media sharing buttons have been added to the following pages:
    • item_details.php
    • fabkit_details.php
    • challenge_details.php
    This means that any decor item, fabkit, or challenge can easily be shared without having to copy/paste links. I may add these buttons on other pages as I see fit, but these were the major ones.

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