Saturday, June 21, 2014

Search Feature Available

Hello everyone.

This update brings a new feature to the site. A search box! That's right, there's a shiny new search box to try out. You will notice it as you browse through the site. It's pretty self explanatory. Your search will be matches against entries for Decor, Fabkits/House Plugs, Challenges and Vendors. Your results will be presented to you in an easy to navigate fashion. So yeah... search box!

I have also edited about 40 items in the database to reflect their category and add screenshots and thumbnails. A good chunk of these are part of the architect profession with some of the recently added recipes and ones I skipped for some reason. The architect category for decor is close to complete! I am trying to get as many items as possible and I am going as fast as I can while still managing playing time. Please bear with me as that stuff expands. I will catch up. One of these days. People can help if they drop me a line!

I have another new feature coming that I teased in the last update. I hope to be complete with that within the next week. Well at least I plan to have the framework available, filling in data will occur over time just like every other gosh darn section of this website. But it's a section that I think will please certain players and I hope it's worth the wait.

In the meantime.... SEARCH BOX!

Til next time...

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